The management of Smart Medical Generation LTD warns all the users that the startup projects as well as the innovative developments of the company cannot give a 100% guarantee of success. Also, the merits, successes and results of the company in the past periods of time cannot guarantee identical success in the future.

By joining a partnership with Smart Medical Generation, each user knowingly and voluntarily contributes to the global fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and to the development of innovative medical products by SMG, rather than an investment. In the event of unsuccessful developments, the company's partners fully understand and take full responsibility for the financial risks.

In return, Smart Medical Generation provides partners with uninterrupted access to the company's online resources, online support, income from business activities and timely updates on the progress of the company's developments.

In addition, there is a limit on the number of business partners and business packages of the company.

Attention! There is a limited number of business packages:

First month - 10.000 packages of 10% - to the company / 90% to investors.

Second month - 9.500 packages of 15% to company / 85% to investors.

Third month - 9.000 stakes 20% - to company / 80% to investors.

Fourth month - 8.500 stakes 25% to the company / 75% to investors

Fifth month - on the basis of fulfilled plan

Sixth month - on the basis of fulfilled plan

Seventh to twelfth month - on the basis of fulfilled plan

From the twelfth to the twenty-fourth month - on the basis of fulfilled plan

This means that every month fewer people will be able to join the cooperation and at some point in the development of the company the registration of new partners will be discontinued. Be sure to get among the exclusive partners.

Also, upon completion of SMG product development and launches, the company will carry out an IPO. All SMG partners will be vested with company shares depending on their level of contribution to the company's development. Every partner who wishes to get company shares will have to go through KYC procedure on a mandatory basis. If the company fails the IPO - each partner will have the right to sell their shares or continue to receive consideration on them.

The management of Smart Medical Generation LTD guarantees to make all efforts and do everything possible to realize the dream of creating a new world without pandemics and crises, thus creating an independent ecosystem and a generation of new people. Only by joining forces with all of us can we make the dream a reality!

Each business-partner by completing registration in the personal cabinet of SMG LTD automatically confirms their full reading, understanding and agreement with the information about privacy policy, rules of use and risks of Medical IT startup SMG LTD.

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