A new stage in the development of the SMG!

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A new stage in the development of the SMG!
A new stage in the development of the SMG!

We welcome all SMG business partners! We are happy to inform you about the company's development.

Smart Medical Generation LTD launches its own internal token Smart Medical Coin, which will be used to pay for services and purchase SMG products.

The official launch of the token, and the first shipment of coins to custodians' personal wallets will take place at the first partner convention in Turkey as early as July 2021!

Every partner who has purchased a ticket to the event in Turkey will receive a bonus in the form of SMC tokens equal to the value of the ticket at the time of purchase.

Road Map: Smart Medical Coin

Summer 2021
- 100 million SMC issuance.
- Presale 12.5% SMC.
- Presale value of SMC $0.88
- Minimum purchase amount 100 SMC.
- There is a linear bonus program (8%-4%-2%).
- Cost of SMC after launch $1+.

Fall 2021
- Company registration in a new jurisdiction for SMC.
- Entrance of SMC to international exchanges.
- Development of products and services to use SMC.

Winter 2021
- Launch products and services to use SMC.
- Launch advertising campaign.
- Spring 2022
- Burning SMC to increase liquidity.
- Development of own Blockchain technology.
- Coin listing on CoinMarketCap.

More news on the development and promotion of SMC will be published regularly in the personal accounts of business partners, as well as on the official website of Smart Medical Generation.

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