Updates and two months of SMG development

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Updates and two months of SMG development
Updates and two months of SMG development

Cheers! Congratulations to all the partners with good news! Today we all together have reached one small step on the big ladder to the big win, but this is only one small step of millions ahead!

Smart Medical Generation LTD has been growing successfully for 2 months now, achieving its goals and listening to all the requests of business partners in the technical support department as much as possible.

For two months the team of technical department has been collecting and forming a list of the most frequently asked questions from the company's business-partners.

Now, for the convenience of the company's business partners, answers to all the frequently asked questions are available on the official website in the FAQ section

We also inform you that in the nearest future the presentation of the first product by SMG will be published.

SMG: Company of Modern IT-Medical Solutions.

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