Launch of the official SMG news section!

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Launch of the official SMG news section!
Launch of the official SMG news section!

We are pleased to welcome every business partner of the company and to announce the launch of the official news section at Any other sources of information are unofficial and the company is not responsible for the information posted on them.

We recommend to visit this section regularly in order to get the latest news on the company's development.

In addition, all partners will be informed of all important news in the format of a news digest to the email addresses provided during the registration of the business account, no more than once a week. Each partner has the right to unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking on the link at the end of the email.

Additionally, Smart Medical Generation company is starting to take over the media space and has entered into an agreement with Gu Xinfeng - Media Representative 付天铭 FU. TIANMING and SMG company for regular video coverage of the company's achievements, important events and news.

In the near future, Gu Xinfeng, the company's ambasador and media representative, will be officially introduced on the company's website.

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