1. Career progression in SMG

7.1. How many career ranks are there at SMG?

There are 8 career ranks at Smart Medical Generation LTD, which include bonus rewards.

7.2. Does career rank affect SMG's business partner opportunities?

Yes, of course it does. The higher a partner's career rank is, the higher his binary cycle bonus percentage and the number of cycles available for daily withdrawal for binary marketing.

7.3. How is team turnover accounted for in an SMG career?

Career turnover is only counted from the blue (right) leg of the binary.

7.4. Is there a time limit on SMG's career?

No, SMG LTD does not have any time limits for fulfilling the conditions for achieving career ranks.

7.5. What is the maximum amount of reward for an SMG career?

The maximum amount of reward is 100.000 USDT. Total amount of reward for achieving all career ranks is 190.00 USDT!

7.6. Where can I find out more about career advancement and SMG rank bonuses?

More detailed information is displayed on the business model page of the official company website in the international company career development section.

7.7. Is it necessary to have a personally purchased business package in order to progress at SMG?

Yes, it is necessary to have at least one active business package to advance in your career.

7.8. Didn't find the answer to your question?

If you didn't find the answer to your question, you can always ask the technical support team in your personal SMG partner business account.

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