1. SMG Marketing: Binary, Linear and Bonus.

5.1. Where is the partner link located?

The personal partner link is located on the home page of the personal account of the business partner of SMG LTD.

5.2. How does the partner link work?

When you provide the partner link to your potential partner and when he/she clicks on it the information about this user is saved in Cookies and when the user is registering the system can identify that this is your partner.

5.3. How does the SMG linear business partnership system work?

Linear marketing has 3 levels and allows business partners of the company to earn up to 8% bonus linear rewards for recommending the company to your friends!
1st Level - 5%
2nd Level - 2%
3rd Level - 1%
Linear bonuses are credited instantly to the partner's personal account balance, when the business package of the company has been purchased from his team. More detailed information is displayed on the page Business Model of the official website of the company in the section Linear Marketing.

5.4. Is partner reward accrued for repeated purchase of a business package by your business partners in SMG?

Yes, of course. You are rewarded for every repeat purchase of business packages from all your business partners up to level 3 under the Linear Marketing system.

5.5. Is it possible to contribute to a business package from the partner accrual at SMG?

Yes, of course. In order to do so you need to follow the steps in 4.3.

5.6. How does SMG binary marketing work?

After inviting a business partner, completing his registration and his purchase of a business package, your business partner will be displayed in the ranking queue in your personal business partner account in the binary structure tab.
Next, you need to choose which foot to put your business partner in within 24 hours - green (left) or blue (right). If you don't do that, the system will automatically assign a partner instead of you.
If, you haven't allocated a partner to a binary place, and he has already registered new partners, because his place is not yet taken, his partners according to the compression rule will go to his superior mentor, i.e. to you.
The turnover for binary marketing activation is not counted in the binary system, it only activates it, which means that all subsequent business partners in binary marketing and their purchased business packages will be counted in the binary marketing turnover.

5.7. How do I activate binary marketing in SMG?

To activate binary marketing you have to personally invite 1 business partner in each leg. The first partner in the left (green) leg and the second partner in the right (blue) leg.
We remind you that turnover for binary marketing activation is not counted in the binary system.

5.8. Which binary leg is the mentor leg in SMG?

The green (left) leg, is considered the mentor leg and therefore you regularly receive additional business partners from your mentor always in your green (left) leg team.
Also, your partners receive additional bonus binary marketing partners from you in their green (left) leg.

5.9. How do binary bonuses work at SMG?

A binary bonus is accrued instantly when a binary cycle is closed if SMG LTD's business partners have fulfilled the conditions.

5.10. How do binary cycles work at SMG?

The binary cycle amount is $250 in the green (left) leg and $250 in the blue (right) leg. The binary cycle bonus is between 8% and 11%.

5.11. What does the number of available binary cycles per withdrawal per day at SMG depend on?

The number of cycles available for withdrawal daily depends on the career rank of the company's business partner and the amount of SMG's purchased business package.

5.12. How many binary cycles can I close per day at SMG?

Initially each partner is allowed 2 binary cycles per day, the maximum available number is 203 binary cycles per day.

5.13. How do I withdraw profit from binary marketing?

To withdraw funds from binary marketing, you need to go to the binary structure tab in your personal SMG business partner cabinet and click the withdraw button. Then the funds will be sent from the binary balance to the main balance and will be available to apply for withdrawal to your e-wallet.

5.14. Is it allowed to register a Golden Triangle with SMG?

Yes, the rules of SMG LTD officially allow business partners to register 1 Golden Triangle for network building.

5.15. How does the Matching Bonus work at SMG?

The Matching Bonus is credited when a business partner in your personally invited line team receives a bonus for closing a binary cycle.
The size of the Matching Bonus and the number of levels from which the Matching Bonus is accrued depends on your career rank.
You can find more information on the Matching Bonus business model page of the official company website.

5.16. How does the Matching Bonus work in SMG?

The bonus is accrued for withholding funds to the amount of the balance of income from the business package on the balance of the company's business partner.
The amount of the bonus ranges from 4% to 9% per month.
The minimum amount of bonus to be accrued on the balance is $50.
Bonus is accrued daily, but is available for withdrawal once a month.
More information is displayed on the business model page of the official website in the Matching Bonus section.

5.17. How to make reinvestment from Holding bonus in SMG?

The Holding bonus is credited immediately to the principal balance, so to make a reinvestment you simply need to make a deposit into a new business package by following the steps in paragraph 4.3.

5.18. Didn't find the answer to your question?

If you didn't find the answer to your question, you can always ask the technical support team in your personal SMG partner business account.

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