1. Business partnership with SMG.

3.1. How do I become a business partner of SMG?

In order to start a business partnership with Smart Medical Generation LTD and make your contribution to the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, you need to do a few simple steps: explore the information, choose a Mentor, register, complete your personal profile, select and purchase a business package.

3.2. How do I find out who my SMG Mentor is?

In order to find out who is your Mentor in Smart Medical Generation LTD you need to go to the line structure link in the personal account of the business partner company and in the upper information field you will see the information about your Mentor and his contacts.

3.3. What are the reasons for blocking an SMG business partner account?

A company's business partner account can be blocked only in case of violation of the rules specified in SMG LTD's terms of cooperation under the link SMG Partnership Agreement rules.

3.4. How many accounts are allowed to create an SMG business-partner account?

The business-partners of SMG LTD are officially ALLOWED to create a marketing "golden triangle" for creating a business network, but no more. If a partner is seen registering more than one "golden triangle", the latest will be frozen.

3.5. Can family members register using the same computer and IP address in SMG?

Yes, of course. Each business partner has the right to register their relatives and to worry about their safety.

3.6. Is it possible to earn without investing in SMG?

Unfortunately, at the current stage of Smart Medical Generation LTD company development such possibility is not provided, but in future there are plans to make an opportunity of getting income for everyone through Bounty program, promotions and lotteries for active and new business partners of the company without any investment.

3.7. Is there any marketing material at SMG?

Yes, of course there are. The marketing department of the company constantly develops new advertising materials which are available in the Advertising materials tab in the personal office of the SMG LTD business-partner. Also, each business partner has the right to write a request to the technical support team to implement new promotional materials for both offline and online placement.

3.8. Didn't find the answer to your question?

If you didn't find the answer to your question, you can always ask the technical support team in your personal SMG partner business account.

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