1. Manual and documentation of the SMG.

2.1. Who is the founder and owner of SMG?

付天铭 FU. TIANMING is the President and Founder of Smart Medical Generation LTD and a successful business in building retail networks.

2.2. Is SMG company officially registered?

Smart Medical Generation LTD company is registered in Edinburgh, Scotland and has all the necessary SIC codes to carry out its business activities. For more information about registration you can check the public register of companies in Scotland by clicking here.

2.3. Does the SMG company provide a partnership agreement?

Yes, each partner receives an electronic version of the partnership agreement which can be downloaded from the SMG business partner's personal account.

2.4. The SMG Privacy Policy.

For more information on Smart Medical Generation LTD's privacy policy click on SMG LTD's privacy policy link.

2.5. The terms of SMG's cooperation.

For more information on the terms of cooperation with Smart Medical Generation LTD, please click on the SMG partnership agreement rules.

2.6. A warning about the risks of an SMG business start-up.

For more information about the risks of Smart Medical Generation LTD business start-up, click on the SMG LTD Risk Warning.

2.7. Is it possible to contact SMG management directly?

It is not possible to communicate directly with absolutely every partner of the company.

2.8. Didn't find an answer to your question?

If you didn't find the answer to your question, you can always ask the technical support team in your personal SMG partner business account.

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