To develop the spiritual component of the logo image and its energetic content FU. TIANMING attracted mentors from Tibet to conduct ancient collective meditations and create positive energetic vibrations.

During 7 days and 7 nights mentors observed a special regime of physical and informational fasting to create a connection with the spirits of health, protection and fertility in order to obtain information about the actual formula for the success of the emblem of the company in 2021.

On the basis of the received answers and the meaning laid down by the spiritual mentors of Tibet, the designers from the USA displayed all the meaning in the graphic image. Only 75,000 was spent to pay for the graphic design of the image.

The image shows two intertwined numbers 8, which form a single symbol - the flower of life, which symbolizes the infinity of prosperity, life, health, wealth, luck and success.

As everyone knows the fact that the number "7" is a symbol of good luck. This meaning also was incorporated in the image, as the sum of two 8's equals 16, and the sum of these numbers 1 plus 6 equals 7.

Also, it is impossible not to agree that our world is rapidly developing technologically! That is why the image shows the correlation of humanity's prosperity with Blockchain and IT technologies that directly affect the future of our world, and therefore the future of each of us!

Therefore, this logo symbol - the flower of life, will bring good luck, wealth, prosperity, success and health in the infinite concept of time in the life of Smart Medical Generation, as well as everyone who will carry it.

*Additional to the logo are hidden secret symbols, of which history is silent. Only the chosen one will be able to unravel the mystery of the hidden symbols and receive a personal bonus from FU. TIANMING.

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